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It depends on when we receive the order.  If we receive the order by 3 p.m. CST we typically ship in 2 days.  If you need it ASAP, just click "Guaranteed Same or Next Day Shipping" on the checkout page and your order can get processed as soon as the same day and no later than the next day, GUARANTEED.

Find a local gas distributor or welding supply store in your area, both of these types of businesses will fill liquid nitrogen. Search for Airgas, they are a common company that fills liquid nitrogen.  If you are interested in the dry vapor shipper for biological samples, then we have the option of charging it with liquid nitrogen.

Ship all rentals back to:
801 W 33rd St., 5156
Edmond, OK

At this time the minimum rental period is 1 month for our larger dewars and our smaller dewars we have the option of a 2 week rental. Hopefully you can find more exciting ways to enjoy the dewar, like experiments.

It is if you handle it properly and with the correct Personal Protective Equipment.
I recommend you read this article by Grainger, it has a lot of good information.

Sure. Keep the rental as long as you would like (as long as payment information is current and able to process) and it will automatically renew.

We ship FedEx Ground.  It takes 1-4 business days to be delivered. Use the map below as a guide.


Your rental is due back on the same numbered day the order was placed on.


  • A 1 month rental if ordered on the 15th of July would be due on the 15th of August.
  • A 2 week rental if ordered on the 15th of July would be due back on the 29th of July.